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Four Neighborhood Associations
United in Opposition to this Project

This illegal Short Street "spot zoning" project has unified our neighborhoods and galvanized our members to action. This outrageous proposal has created a historic solidarity among four neighborhood associations in Uptown New Orleans, all of whom oppose this project.

  • Uptown Triangle Neighborhood Association
  • Upper Audubon Association
  • Maple Area Residents, Inc.
  • Carrollton/Riverbend Residents Association

The following letters of support were sent to the City Planning Commission in January 2004:

Uptown Triangle Neighborhood Association

"We oppose the project . . . and the request for zoning change for a number of reasons including . . . the size of the project when compared to the scale of other structures in the neighborhood, the amount of additional traffic and parking that will burden this area, and the loss of light and privacy to be suffered by the immediate neighbors of this project. . . . Please know that we requested that the project developer, Jim MacPhaille, meet with us to discuss the project, and he deferred a meeting. . . . We consider this inadequate time to evaluate the project and respond to the City Planning Commission. We intend to appear at the hearing and vocally object to the present proposal."

Larry Pugh, President
Uptown Triangle Neighborhood Association
January 20, 2004

Upper Audubon Association

"The Upper Audubon Association joins you . . . in its opposition to the development plans for the . . . Short Street . . . Condominiums. We are firmly committed to the preservation of all of our neighborhoods and would urge that no zoning variances be granted to allow such developments."

Bill Freiberg, President
Upper Audubon Association
January 19, 2004

Maple Area Residents, Inc.

"The Maple Area Residents, Inc. [MARI] strongly opposes the proposed request . . . for a [zoning] map change . . . . We join the objections voiced by other organizations and individuals on the traffic, parking and other deleterious effects stemming from this development. MARI further objects that the core historic ambience of Carrollton will be forever diminished by this project. . . .

"The proposed rezoning in this matter will upset the carefully balanced mixture of small residences and small businesses that characterize historic Carrollton. The proposed condominium - whether 14 stories or 7 stories - will diminish the urban village ambience of Carrollton. It will tower over the intersection of St. Charles and Carrollton Avenues - the most important intersection in Carrollton and one of the most important intersections in the entire City of New Orleans. Our precious cityscape will be forever diminished if this project is allowed to go forward. We urge you to deny this proposed [zoning] map change."

Thomas Milliner, President
Maple Area Residents, Inc (MARI)
January 20, 2004

Carrollton/Riverbend Residents Association

"We ask you to deny the request . . . . A high-rise would demoralize the residents, and cause a halt to renovation and preservation of the area, resulting in economic loss to the city. . . . There are more appropriate ways for developers to contribute to the health of the real estate market without destroying the historic fabric of this valuable thriving area. . . .

"We ask the City to take a closer look at the potential for economic development in this area other than high-rises that will block the view of the levee, change the historic quality of St. Charles and Carrollton, and add nothing to retail opportunities."

Marilyn Barbera, Vice President
Carrollton/Riverbend Residents Association
January 22, 2004


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