The Levee Park - New Orleans Louisiana

The Levee Park is Born ─
from Audubon Park to the Jefferson Parish Line

Sheldon Hersh, MD
Uptown Triangle Neighborhood Association
August 2007

In June 2007, City Ordinance No. 22,651 was adopted into law. 

This Ordinance rezoned the levee green space along Leake Avenue ─ which had been zoned for Light and Heavy Industry ─ into the Levee Park.

This unique linear park follows the gentle curve of the Mississippi from Audubon Park to the Jefferson Parish Line and adds about 25 acres of official park space to New Orleans.

Thanks go to

  • the New Orleans City Planning Commission and City Council for their unanimous approval of park rezoning.
  • Councilmember Shelley Midura for sponsoring legislation authorizing the Levee Park.
  • all neighbors and friends who supported the Levee Park.  With your help and suggestions we turned a two-mile Industrial zone into a park our families will enjoy forever.

Citizen participation promotes transparency and trust in government.

CLICK HERE    To read how the Levee Park will

  • be an engine of economic development for Carrollton and the Riverbend
  • help revitalize Oak Street
  • connect the French Quarter to Carrollton

CLICK HERE   To see the City Planning Commission map of the Levee Park